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When a Digi email arrives in the inbox, your customers will see it immediately as intended. No more empty boxes.

A best-in-class email editor

Digi allows you a superior level of flexibility when it comes to the design and creation of sales and marketing materials. Simply open your browser, login and start creating materials for web, print and email in minutes.

Responsive emails

When most of your target audience are on the move and read most emails on their mobiles, ensuring your emails are responsive is a must.

Digi-brochure creation

Providing new ways of delivering your existing sales literature is extremely popular. Upload a Word Doc, PowerPoint, PDF or just a load of images and we will turn it into a fancy interactive brochure that your customers will love.

Talk to us

We are a small friendly team, who are available to talk about any requirements you have. What other company would happily let you speak directly with developers? We know the system inside out and will be able any issues promptly.

One-to-one emails

Ideal for delivering quotes and other sales literature in the most personal of ways. It's almost like you wrote Linda in HR a letter and delivered it by hand.

Print creation

Experience the convenience of seamlessly designing professional-grade print materials, including eye-catching brochures and vibrant flyers, all within the comfort of your web browser.

Personalised video emailing

Start sending personalised videos to customers who enquire about vehicles, properties or simply to introduce yourself. Digi-clip is a simple to use app available on Android and iOS that enables you to quickly send videos when you're on the go.

Electronic document signing

We developed our own electronic signing application, where you can upload a document and quickly add input fields to gather important data securely through our servers.

Cold B2B emailing

Getting your communications infront of a new prospect has never been easier. Using a clever algorithm, you can jump the queue and get yourself heard.

Better clickthrough rates

By allowing you to produce more personalised marketing and sales materials, you can reap the rewards of highly successful clickthrough rates. Increasing ROI and customer engagement.

Survey & poll creation

Being able to create custom surveys and polls, allows you to gather fantastic detail on your customers and will allow you to refine your personalisation even further.

Microsite creation

Design and create beautiful landing pages which you can link to from other materials. It's really easy and best of all, you can update the same link over and over again.


Digi stores your materials in the cloud. Meaning you can continue working on them when you are on the go.

We are trusted by some of the biggest names you know and love.