The Digi platform hides all the complexity behind the scenes. This allows you to focus on what's important - creating assets and generating sales.

Save money & time

By giving you the tools to create and manage materials yourself, you'll be able to save on variable agency fees and complete tasks immediately.

Web, Print & Email

Unlike most other platforms in the market, Digi provides methods for creating materials in three formats, all in one place.


Offering free training and support for all our new and existing customers. Prompt, personalised support whenever you need to pick our brains.


Create and send as much as you require at no additional cost.


With our super flexible browser based editor, you can ensure your brand is always accurate and up-to-date in all communications.


Send more personal targeted communications and enhance your company presence.

Less postage

Turn hardcopy documents into environmentally friendly, cost-effective responsive brochures.

Hot prospects

With applications like Digi-alert and email view reports, you'll know when prospect clients are viewing. Schedule automated follow-ups or call them directly.

Future additions

Being a Digi customer has its perks. When we develop new features, we will make them available to you free of charge.

Interested in how Digi could work for you?