Custom Digi Systems

Because every business is unique.

If you rely on increasingly complex spreadsheets to identify how things are going, how do you extract the really important stuff to gain attention and generate action?

At Digi we work with major blue-chip brands, building custom systems to meet their specific business needs. We can take virtually any data (uploaded, FTP, encrypted web services, etc) isolate the key data and then communicate to your audience exactly what you want them to see, always clear, always branded and focused on what really counts.

Key benefits

  • Visuals that bring your key data to life, engaging your audience
  • Automated regular tasks, scheduled communications
  • Inform, encourage support and focus efforts on business objectives
  • Designed to meet what's on your agenda (we don't make your business fit our template)
  • We're always there to make it work, sitting alongside you to tweak, modify and develop
  • Proven track record at a national level with major brands with demanding requirements

Client examples

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BMW Group

Setting complex annual training targets for a dealer distribution network is the start for BMW Group Academy. Then they need to keep their dealer network fully aware or progress towards complex annual training targets for the teams at each location. Regular emails inform the head at each business of progress and forecast year end, what's on track and what needs attention. Strong branded visuals highlight what's important, to the people who need to know. Then can drill down to view the detail and get things going. All without a single Excel spreadsheet ever getting in the way always up to date and a single reference for every dealer, region, group and national management.

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